Hola! Pura Vida everyone! Somos Abby and Bri and we are Lideres del Día for our first free day, and we’re excited to share how it went with you! Finally, after getting pushed back due to rainy weather, it was time to explore more of Costa Rica’s landscapes.

We began our day with a later wake-up time which was exciting for most and finally gave us a chance to sleep in after the long CAP days. Everyone came to breakfast prepared, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day. We were running on Tico-time when we finally left for our long hike to the waterfall. Although it was tiring and the trail was covered with vines and wildlife, everything was worth it when we finally reached the rocky terrain leading up to the waterfall. Tossing our shoes to the side we slowly crossed the riverbed laid with painful rocks with the help of our skillful program coordinator- Memo. Thanks to his support no one fell from the powerful currents and drifted away. At the summit of our hike, we each got to look out upon and take pictures of the waterfall from on top of a massive, fallen, tree trunk. Finally, when it was time to head back, we discovered that our walk home was going to be very steep and narrow. Scaling the tires lining the route, no one complained about the exhausting heat and exercise.

After a quick lunch, we rushed to get ready for the bus ride to Turrialba and eventually arrived at the town. While there, we were introduced to some of our leaders’ local friends and learned about the history of the town and its name. Fun fact, Turrialba comes from the words meaning fire river, relating back to the volcanoes! We were able to check out the local markets and try pastries, ice creams, and drinks of all kinds! Everyone fell in love with the charming people and culture.

Once we got back to Casa Aquiares, we split up into two groups, one heading to the park to play volleyball and soccer with the locals, and the other staying back to write our letters of appreciation. After dinner, everyone wrote their final drafts and we passed the torch on to the next leaders, marking the end of the day.

Overall, today was a real moral booster for everyone feeling homesick and helped the group bond over adventurous and exciting moments. Everyone deserved this free day after a week of hard work. These trips really allowed us to connect with and experience the nature and communities of Costa Rica further. For us personally, being two more quiet individuals, we had the chance to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and take charge in our own ways. Being leaders for the day was a challenging and rewarding experience for both of us.

Abby- Hola mom and dad! Hope you’re enjoying all of the stories and pictures so far! See you soon! Love you lots!

Bri- Hey Dad and Friends, hope y’all ain’t having too much fun without me! miss you guys so much, Love you Guys

See all of the pictures of today’s adventures here!