Hi GG families,


Today, we woke up a little earlier to get ready for our first day of CAP (Community Action Project)!! We had our usual breakfast at La Primavera. Afterwards we got on the bus with all our supplies and headed to Carlos Garbay, a school for students with special needs. We started on our three projects to benefit the school; sewing pants for the students in wheelchairs to rest on, repainting signals both indoors and outdoors for students to get around, and creating communication boards that help students with fine motor skills. Today alone, we were able to stuff 16 of the 19 pairs of pants we had, finished painting most of the signals in the therapy room, repainted stools, and created 2 communication boards. Around noon, we had lunches that were brought from La Primavera and were able to connect about everything that we had accomplished. After lunch, we finished everything and we cleaned up, making sure everything was set up for day 2. We finally met up outside, got on the bus, and headed back to La Primavera. We had around 2 hours of free time before dinner, so while a few of us played soccer, the others played cards. After dinner, we had the nightly meeting and passed the torch to the new LDD’s, ending a long and rewarding day.

All the love,


Daniela, Aliyah, and Eva 🙂