20150627_194249Our last day in Jinotega started with breakfast at Buffet de la Familiar. Afterwards, we packed our bags and did last minute shopping for souvenirs and gifts for friends and family here in Jinotega and back home.  Around 1030am, our bags and luggage were loaded into the bus. With our packed lunch collected and loaded onto the bus, we said our final “see you laters” and “goodbyes” to our hotel and restaurant hosts.

Marvin, our bus driver, who was not scheduled to drive that day, suddenly showed up after being called by his boss after we told the boss we are sad not being able to say goodbye to Marvin. Poor Marvin! We made it up to him by entertaining him (by singing along to his music selection) all the way to Managua. Also, he got a huge piece of birthday cake from Alondra’s early birthday celebration in the Managua airport after we checked in. Some of us indulged in more shopping and splurged on American-style food before we boarded TACA. We had our last group picture taken in the Managua airport and hugged Belkis and Jasmine one last time before our reunion sometime this year (this was the plan we came up with).

Our plane out of Managua left without a hitch and 45 minutes later, we were getting out of it and went through the flight connection procedure in San Salvador airport in El Salvador. We just had enough time to get some snacks before we boarded into our connecting flight for home- San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to the in flight entertainment aboard Avianca, we watched at least 2 movies (at least I did) during the 5 hours and 20 minute- flight. We arrived in SF International airport earlier than previously scheduled- by 25 minutes! By midnight, we were going through immigration and shortly after, we collected our luggage. Not one bag was lost in transit!! And finally, we burst out of the heavy metal doors of the arrival terminal and ran to the waiting arms of our families and friends. After hugs and kisses floated around with promises of keeping in touch with each other, we headed to each of our respective homes with an expanded families this time.

Global Glimpse J1A 2015 delegation has arrived back home safely.