Hello for the last time this summer, dear families and friends.

Reporting directly from Quito, Ecuador, we want to let you know that all of our Glimpsers and our two GGLs have successfully passed through airport security and are currently waiting to board the plane and safely fly back home. We made sure they drank enough water and ate enough food to have energy in this last leg of the trip.

With great joy, we share with you that the young crew will return home with new ideas, different challenges for their lives, so many stories and experiences to tell you, a bunch of new friends, and a precious jewel in their hearts: the will to get out of their comfort zone. Now they are on the path to becoming true global citizens.

From us, we share (Glimpsers, GGLs, families, and friends) our deepest gratitude for trusting in our capacities and our commitment to lead you through this lifetime adventure. We hope that every new teaching you receive here can return home with you, and with that knowledge, transform your lives and the lives around you. Now we know that we have the power to change the world with something we have within reach of our hands: WILL.

We are so grateful and happy to coincide with you in this moment of our lives. We return home also as new beings, our dear students: you can’t imagine how much you taught us.

You will always have two friends.

Our best regards:
Angelita & Mateo