Final Hello, GG Family!

Today is our last full day of the Global Glimpse experience. We finished the CAP (community action project), succeeding in completing 4 projects! We repainted the sports court, the therapy room, and we built educational boards where they could teach the students skills such as tying their shoes, buckling, or fastening buttons, we also created stuffed pants which the school uses to help brace students with limited mobility while they sit on the floor. Lunch was provided and we decided to take it to the fields and have a picnic. With extra time in completing our CAP early, we had some free time and decided to go into the city for one last hurrah! We went in groups of 4 and went to different places such as a flower shop, La Plaza Roja, Plaza Sucre, and Cafe Paris. We even ran into some familar faces such as Javier, Global Glimpse Country Director, and Lorena, the principal of the school where we executed our CAP.







After we got back to La Primavera, we freshened up and went to town for dinner. We ate at a Mexican restaurant called Lina where we had the option to eat burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, or flautas. The food was scrumptious, and we wish we had seconds. During our last dinner it was an emotional rollercoaster. We cried and we laughed. We even presented gifts we got earlier in the day from our trip downtown, to our program coordinators, Paco and Nacho, and our bus driver, Don Fernando. We got them matching bracelets that all of the glimpsers have and flowers personally gifted to Don Fernando. Afterwards, we came back to La Primavera and completed our final nightly meeting. It was packed with tears of laughter and sadness as we had the last future schedule, roses and thorns, big love, pass the torch, and unity clap. The word of the day perfectly describes what our trip was filled with, gratitude.

Big Love, Oluwatomi, Cedricha, Iyanuoluwa