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Eliza Pesuit on Access to Global Education for High School Students

Executive Director Eliza Pesuit recalls her early life growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, with parents from very different backgrounds. Her dad is from Serbia and her mom is from Russia. Her dad is Christian and her mom is Jewish. At a young age, Eliza learned to value differences and as she ... READ MORE

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Storytelling Challenge – By Jasmine Lam

I embarked on a sixteen-day journey to Riobamba, Ecuador with an organization aimed to cultivate leaders of tomorrow through expanding their worldview. Throughout my experience, I taught English, helped a local school with improvement projects, and immersed myself in the indigenous culture. Although difficult, teaching English to native Spanish... READ MORE

Memories of Guaranda, Ecuador

Raina Japay, 18, San Marin High School, Novato, California, Guaranda, Ecuador I was honored to be selected from my school to participate in the Global Glimpse outreach program. Only a few students from high schools all over the Bay Area participated in the adventure to Guaranda, Ecuador this past summer.  As we came together we began to form... READ MORE

Chimborazo Is Looking Beautiful! (As Always)

Jocelyn Lyell,17 Oakland School for the Arts, Oakland, California Riobamba, Ecuador When completing this project, I decided that the best way to portray my journey to Riobamba would be to create a compilation of images captured on my digital or film cameras while in-country. To do this, I created a digital collage with photos representing some of... READ MORE

Announcing Jennifer Ogden-Reese as New Board Chair

Global Glimpse Board

We are pleased to announce Jennifer Ogden-Reese as the newly elected Chair of Global Glimpse’s Board of Directors. Jenn is the Chief Marketing Officer at 2U and an award-winning marketer with executive experience leading some of the most iconic and successful media brands in the world. As a longtime board member and CMO in New York City, Jenn... READ MORE