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Eliza Pesuit on Access to Global Education for High School Students

Executive Director Eliza Pesuit recalls her early life growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, with parents from very different backgrounds. Her dad is from Serbia and her mom is from Russia. Her dad is Christian and her mom is Jewish. At a young age, Eliza learned to value differences and as she ... READ MORE

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Celebrating Our Global Glimpse Teachers!

At Global Glimpse, teachers are our Travel Heroes! Since 2008, over 700 volunteer teachers across the Bay Area, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Western Massachusetts have made travel possible for thousands of young people. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are excited to introduce you to teachers from each of our regions and... READ MORE

Teacher Spotlight: Tanjuanika “Nikki” Moore

Tanjuanika “Nikki” Moore   Union City, California Special Education Teacher James Logan High School   Trips as a Global Glimpse Leader: 2022: Dominican Republic 2023: Ecuador   What drove you to become an educator? I started out in General Education for elementary school and quickly realized that it was kind of... READ MORE

Teacher Spotlight: Andrew Wetmore

Andrew Wetmore   Chicago, Illinois Health/Physical Education & Leadership Course Teacher Pritzker College Prep   Trips as a Global Glimpse Leader: 2017: Dominican Republic 2019: Panama 2021: Costa Rica   What drove you to become an educator? It’s funny how life never works out according to plan! When I was in high school, I was... READ MORE

Teacher Spotlight: Emily Grijalva

Emily Grijalva   Boyle Heights, California Community School Coordinator Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School   Trips as a Global Glimpse Leader: First one in summer 2023!   What drove you to become an educator? Coming to college and realizing that I didn’t know much about my history, the authors from my community, etc, there... READ MORE