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Eliza Pesuit on Access to Global Education for High School Students

Executive Director Eliza Pesuit recalls her early life growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, with parents from very different backgrounds. Her dad is from Serbia and her mom is from Russia. Her dad is Christian and her mom is Jewish. At a young age, Eliza learned to value differences and as she ... READ MORE

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One Year in Ecuador: Global Glimpse alumni embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

We couldn’t be more proud of 2011 Global Glimpse alumni Canaan Belete and Atsina Allen who spent a bridge year before college in Ecuador with Global Citizen Year! Motivated by their life-changing experiences with Global Glimpse in Nicaragua during the summer of 2011, Canaan and Atsina applied to spend a year before college living, working, and... READ MORE

Global Glimpse Alumni Dreaming Big…

Born and raised in East San Jose, Jose Javier Lujano (JJ) is a first-generation Mexican-American, first-generation college student currently studying at Santa Clara University. JJ traveled to Matagalpa, Nicaragua with Global Glimpse in 2009. READ MORE

Finding Freedom in Nicaragua…An Alumni Reflection

I was raised in the Sunnydale Projects where shoot-outs, fights, and a war zone were my environment. Gun fights reigned from morning to night; police brutalized youth and evicted people from their homes. Sunny Dale was where I became street wise, where I witnessed my first dead body, and where my mother developed her addiction to crack cocaine.... READ MORE