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Stories of Global Glimpse: Shane Ladendale

“I come from a place where most are scared to go outside when it is dark. I come from a place where jail is something that seems inevitable. It is amazing how many odds are against me as a black, fatherless, young leader. But that doesn’t stop me… I make sure I strive.” Growing up ... READ MORE

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Storytelling Challenge Regional Winner: My Global Glimpse Experience

Jessica Neri, 17 | 2018-2019 Alumni Ambassador | Greenwich High School, CT | Constanza, Dominican Republic Before Global Glimpse I had only dreamed of seeing the world and immersing myself in a different culture. I had never been outside the United States and was excited for my trip to Constanza, Dominican Republic. Well, that was until I stepped... READ MORE

Storytelling Challenge Regional Winner: Estoy Contigo y Tu Estas Conmigo

Nia Hernandez, 17 | Alumni Ambassador 2018-2019 | Springfield Central H.S., MA | Constanza, DR Golden Dolphins danced on my wrist for 14 days,  Watching my encounters.    They shimmered in the summer sun,   Reminding me of home.    En el Día catorce, we departed from each other.  So much love was shown.    No, the dolphins weren’t lost.  Nor... READ MORE

Stories of Global Glimpse: Alejandro Flores de Anda

“I come from the working class where opportunities like Global Glimpse are far from frequent. I want to have the ability to give back to my parents and the rest of my family for all the sacrifices they’ve made to get me where I am today.” Born and raised in San Francisco, Alejandro Flores de Anda is a proud Mexican-American. His parents... READ MORE

Join Our Team as a Program Coordinator!

“I joined Global Glimpse to inspire a new generation of leaders and ended up being the one inspired by their vision, creativity, and willingness to make a difference in this world.” – Emily Stuyvers, Ecuador Program Coordinator, 2018 Global Glimpse provides powerful international travel and leadership opportunities to high school students... READ MORE