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The Nicaragua I Know

Dear Global Glimpse Community, I have struggled to find words to express everything I have felt since protests flared up following the announcement of new social security laws in Nicaragua on April 18th. It’s a mixture of fear, anger, sadness, and outrage.     Global Glimpse would not exist without Nicaragua. The lessons I learned ... READ MORE

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Big Love from a Glimpser Parent

We received this email from Olga Perez, whose son traveled to Constanza in June 2015. We’re so thankful that we get to work with such incredible students, parents, teachers, and communities! Our programs wouldn’t be possible without our amazing group of supporters. Included with the text are photos from the Constanza... READ MORE

JetBlue’s Brave New Traveler of the Month: Chanei Anderson

JetBlue and Global Glimpse are teaming up this summer to recognize outstanding Global Glimpse alumni as Brave New Travelers of the Month! The BNT is a GG alum from New York City who has been inspired to go above and beyond to contribute to their school or neighborhood community after traveling with Global Glimpse. This month JetBlue recognizes... READ MORE

It’s official! We Have Expanded to Chicago!

Global Glimpse has expanded to the Midwest! We are excited to announce that we have launched our Chicago program in partnership with 10 high schools in the Chicagoland region during the Fall of 2015. We will be serving over 100 students and 15 educators from 10 Chicago highs schools this summer and can’t wait to get started! With that said, we... READ MORE

We Expanded to New York!

Global Glimpse went bi-coastal last year! We are excited to announce that we launched our New York program in partnership with 10 public high schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan last year. We served over 100 students and 10 educators from New York in 2014 and are continuing to grow each year. We celebrated our launch with a huge... READ MORE

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