2016 Trip Blogs

2016 Trip Blogs

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Bienvenidos a Riobamba!

Your trip to Riobamba, Ecuador is almost here and we can’t wait to meet you and share an amazing experience with you in the upcoming weeks! We hope you are ready for a life-changing journey that will be eye-opening, fun and also challenging. ... READ MORE

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Getting to Know You (GGL Pt2)


Hello! My name is Emily and I will be one of your 4 GGLs on our trip to Leon. Currently, I work as a 3rd grade teacher at Stratford Schools in SF. As the last couple of days of school drag on, I am anxiously awaiting meeting and traveling with all of you (only about 2 weeks to go)! My first experience traveling out of the country, and away from my family, I traveled to Costa Rica with my high school biology club. The cliché of study abroad held true for me, as it changed my life and eventual career path. It is one of many reasons I applied to volunteer with GG this summer, and why I am elated to help provide a similar opportunity to all of you. Since that high school trip, I have worked with a number of organizations and groups around the world. I was born and raised... READ MORE

meet this awesome girl


  Hello! I am Cynthia, a junior at Lowell High School. Here are some things you might want to know about me: I’m a Christian and have been for about 5 years now. I am a middle child in a family of 5. My dad, mom, older sister, Miranda, and younger brother, Chris, are amazing people and are some of my greatest role models. I love adventure, singing, outdoor activities, and reading. I don’t like swimming (simply because I can’t and there is a high likelihood that I will drown), weird smelling fruits (don’t get me started on durian), and spiders (that’s a pretty obvious one). I am very excited for Global Glimpse because of the great experiences I have heard from multiple classmates. Many tell me about how the trip really changed their lives and how it provides insight into ideas and perspectives that they had never discovered before. Also, I... READ MORE

Introducing Me.


Hi there! I’m Kayla Tran and I’m currently a student at Evergreen Valley High School. Last year, I remember that my cousin told me about his volunteer trip to a third world country and I thought, “Ah how nice, but I’m probably never going to be able to go on one.” The thought merely passed over my head and now it seems like a dream come true that my trip is a little less than 2 weeks away! I’m really excited to get outside my bubble and help the community in Leon while learning valuable life lessons. At the moment, I’m a little anxious for this trip because this will be the first time that I’ll spend a night away from my family, but I’m still looking forward to the amazing experiences that lie ahead!   A little about myself : ) Last week I turned 17 years old... READ MORE

Meet Rainna :D

IMG_1272 (2)

Hello everyone! My name is Rainna Hernandez and I’m currently attending Evergreen Valley High School. I am very excited to meet all of you and participate in this trip. I have heard so many stories from one of my senior friends and how her experience was life changing. Now it is our turn to help make a difference and experience life changing events during this trip. In my family, I am the middle child with 4 other siblings and as the middle child you don’t get as much attention as the oldest or the youngest. Even so, I am still trusted with responsibilities like babysitting my younger siblings or cooking when we are home alone. I like to think I’m mature but there are times where my inner child comes out for things like Steven Universe or Superhero movies. The one thing you have to know about me is I am... READ MORE

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