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Top Student Travel Stories of the Summer!

We are excited to share the top blogs of the summer, selected by our interns (and former Glimpsers). From hiking the highest peak in the Ecuadorian Andes and dancing bachata in the hot Dominican sun, to gaining new appreciation for the value of community and complexity of immigration - our Glimpsers truly experienced the transformative power of travel! ... READ MORE

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Painting Murals and Thoughtful Reflections

Hello parents and families of amazing children: This morning we had our last breakfast with Don Carlos, the same delicious pastries, hard boiled eggs and watermelon juice (amazing as usual by the way). A lot of people took pictures with Don Carlos and said nice things, because even though we would be back for lunch, he wouldn’t be there.  We then... READ MORE

Rancho Mila Permaculture and Bamboo Art

Hello all! I apologize for the delays with the blogs, I have faced various internet/computer problems over the past few days. Missing the group and hope you/they are all doing great things back home – Kenneth   Hola de Bahia! This morning was a bit of a rough one, since we woke up the earliest we have so far. Needless to say, 6:30... READ MORE

Coming Together as One (Plus Compost)

Hola los padres.  I’m just going to get right into it. So in the morning, we all signed a birthday card for Aidan, and at breakfast, we all sang him a happy birthday in Spanish. Then, we took a bus to Acuarela. We got to see the community where the government built homes for the people who lost their homes in the earthquake. Our goal there was to... READ MORE

Sathya Sai, Fascinating Birds and Profound Thoughts

Greetings from Bahia! Today was filled with lots of adventure and new beginnings. For the first time this whole trip, we took a public bus rather than a private, chartered bus. That was an experience within itself, and overall quite interesting. We then arrived at Sathya Sai, which is a private charter school located on the edge of Bahia. What we... READ MORE