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Gaining New Perspective in Guaranda, Ecuador

Gaining New Perspective in Guaranda, Ecuador

Glimpsers gain a first look at the city of Guaranda, learn about the history of Ecuador, visit a local market, and create handmade masks to celebrate carnaval. The group visited Maria and her family at La Guilena, a farm nestled in the mountains ... READ MORE

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CAP Day 2

Yesenia Gonzalez: Today we woke up with excitement to complete the project we began yesterday. Our day started with an authentic Dominican breakfast: plantains, mangu, and vegetables. After that we got onto the bus to begin our journey back to Jinova. From the minute we got there we organized ourself into smaller groups and began working hard. In... READ MORE

Fun Day!

*We have been having internet issues, but there are some great pictures to hopefully be added later today when we return from being out!* Hey everyone! It’s Alondra! Today was adventure fun day and I was lucky to be leader of the day. I woke everyone up by blasting music outside their rooms and then we had breakfast and headed out. We went to a... READ MORE

JA1B Return Flight Update

Hello Families, We hope you’re getting excited to see the students soon! As you may know, the flight from Newark to SFO this evening was cancelled due to weather in the Newark area, and all flights out of that airport were grounded. We have been working with our contacts at United to get all of the students and Leaders rebooked onto the... READ MORE

Final Reflection Day

Today was our last full day as a group in Panama. I was able to be the last leader of the day and it went smoothly, despite it being a packed and emotional day with Glimpsers not wanting this trip to end. Our day began with us conversing about how we didn’t want to leave Chitre. It was our last breakfast at Hotel Bali so we made the most of it.... READ MORE