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Top Student Travel Stories of the Summer!

Greetings from Global Glimpse alumni, Aileen and Yumei! We’ve returned to GG this summer to intern in the Bay Area office. We have the amazing opportunity to follow along with student reflections on the blog as they share their travel experiences. We’ve enjoyed reading how Glimpsers are learning to expand their knowledge, develop their leadership skills, become global citizens, ... READ MORE

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the spirit with which we continue

Hey GG fam! Lola here, one of the GGLs from B1D! I was Líder Del Dia today and boy was it a day! “Success is not about the destination but the spirit with which you continue” // Alex Noble We were off to an emotional start this morning saying goodbye to our beloved PCs, Lili and María, and the Youth Ambassadors of Bonao. (I may have shed some... READ MORE

Free Day #2

“Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one book, one pen, and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai I was told free day would be the easiest day to be the leader of the day. This turned out to be a lie. Sure I had the freedom of getting up at a decent hour like 8:00 AM, but after... READ MORE

Community Action Project (CAP) 1

Hi, this is Hurley and Ashley! Today was our first day of the Community Action Project. It was a struggle to get everyone organized and work under the rain, but despite the on and off rain, it was one of our most productive days. We started off by assigning everyone to groups. Some shoveled sand through a shifter to be later used to mix with... READ MORE

Global Business Day

Hey everyone!!! It’s Jayla and Rubi, we’re today’s Leaders of the Day. We woke up really early today (5:45) and we took a long bus ride to Salinas. We didn’t go to La Estancia today for breakfast and instead had egg sandwiches, orange juice, apples, pears, and strawberry cookies on the bus. Salinas is famously known in... READ MORE