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The Power of Minga, Community Gathering, in Ecuador

Glimpsers and members of the Guaranda community proudly unveil their newly painted school that truly reflects the vibrancy of Ecuadorian culture. In partnership with local organizations and leaders, students gained a stronger sense of social responsibility and are equipped to better understand the complexities of service projects in a developing country. ... READ MORE

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Shreya Ramasubban

Hi everyone! I’m Shreya, and I currently attend Summit Rainier in San Jose. I am really excited for the trip and am eager to meet new people, see new places, and travel! I was not able to make it to the picnic, but I look forward to meeting you all at the airport. READ MORE

Manny Intro

Hello everyone my name is Emanuel Almanzar but I go by Manny. I’m from Brooklyn, New York and I’m going to be a senior at Williamsburg high school for architecture and design. I’m Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Mexican but unfortunately I’m not very fluent in Spanish. This trip is very different from anything I’ve done before and I’m very excited... READ MORE

CAP Wrap

After a rambunctious start at 7 am, us Glimpsers headed over to our usual dining area, Nativa. Caesar welcomed us with some traditional American cuisine, pancakes with strawberry syrup paired with an Ecuadorian banana milkshake also known as licuado  (yum!). Following our delicious meal, we packed our masks and lunches and began the journey to... READ MORE

Day 9 “Free Day 2”

After 2 tiring days of early wake up calls, we were rewarded with an 8:00 am wake up. As is standard with “Free Days,” we were able to finally relax and enjoy a nice long breakfast at La Estancia at 9:15 am. At 10:30 am, we met together at the Seminar Room in the hostal to discuss our “Letters of Appreciation.” During this... READ MORE

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