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Top Student Travel Stories of the Summer!

We are excited to share the top blogs of the summer, selected by our interns (and former Glimpsers). From hiking the highest peak in the Ecuadorian Andes and dancing bachata in the hot Dominican sun, to gaining new appreciation for the value of community and complexity of immigration - our Glimpsers truly experienced the transformative power of travel! ... READ MORE

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Day 14- Free Day 2!

Hola! Good morning friends and family. Yesterday was our last free day and full day in Riobamba. We had the luxury of sleeping in until 8 AM. Then, as a whole group, we headed over to Roma Santa for one of our final breakfasts. We had pancakes, boiled eggs strawberry jam, yogurt, chocolate crisps, bananas strawberries, passion fruit juice and... READ MORE

Day 14 – Coming Soon (in the morning!)…

Greetings everyone, hope all is well! Today was our last free day, and we ended it by all watching the movie “Coco” together… but it ran pretty late tonight.  So, tomorrow morning at breakfast, we will post the blog for you all, including photos!  Otherwise everything is wonderful!  Thanks for your patience!... READ MORE

CAP day 1!!

Hi family and friends, this is Kion and Taylor, Today we were the leaders of today’s Cap Project day 1. Today went really well in terms of starting the project. We started the day off with some breakfast and then took a bus down to Cañada de las Palmas where we started building the basketball court for the community. When we arrived at the... READ MORE

RB1D Return Trip Information

Hello Family and Friends of RB1D Glimpsers, We know you’re excited to see your Glimpsers after these two weeks, so below is the flight information and reminders for when and where to pick them up from the airport. Students will arrive at EWR airport at 12:07 PM on Monday 8/20 on flight UA1666 at Terminal C. It takes approximately half an hour (30... READ MORE