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The Power of Minga, Community Gathering, in Ecuador

Glimpsers and members of the Guaranda community proudly unveil their newly painted school that truly reflects the vibrancy of Ecuadorian culture. In partnership with local organizations and leaders, students gained a stronger sense of social responsibility and are equipped to better understand the complexities of service projects in a developing country. ... READ MORE

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Fun first day!

Hello dear friends and family: We have had our first full day in Ecuador. Wohoooo! We finally got to see our new home for the next 15 days “Riobamba” and on our way there we got to see the beautiful landscapes from the Andes mountains. We arrived to Riobamba around noon and after we unloaded the suitcases from the bus, we got to explore Hotel... READ MORE


Hi everyone it’s todays leaders of the day: Josh, Eliza and Jaydel! After a weekend off from English tutoring, we resumed our “professions” with an early 6:30 am start. Our breakfast consisted of a cheese empanada accompanied with a variety of Ecuadorian organic fruit (are you jealous?). After breakfast we went to the school and... READ MORE


  Heyyyy y’all!!! We finished our CAP project. And let me tell you guys, it is pretty cool. We did such an amazing job. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication everyone has put into this project. Today was pretty intense. We woke up at 6:45 and everyone was pretty tired. But the smell of food woke everybody up. And you know... READ MORE

RB2B Return Trip Information

Hello Family and Friends of RB2B Glimpsers, We know you’re excited to see your Glimpsers after these two weeks, so below is the flight information and reminders for when and where to pick them up from the airport. Students will arrive at ORD airport at 10:26 AM on Wednesday 7/18 on flight UA638 at Terminal 1. It takes approximately half an hour... READ MORE

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