We believe that travel is the most powerful form of education and we work to dismantle long-standing inequity in the travel industry. To do so, we position diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at the heart of our work. 

We know that in order for our programs to be truly transformative for students from all backgrounds they must be both accessible and inclusive. For that reason, we are unwavering in our commitment to building and supporting a team of staff, educators, board members, and community partners that reflect, respect, and understand the diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences of the students and communities that we serve. 


Commitments to our students: 

  • More than 75% of our students will always come from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds and more than 50% will come from low-income backgrounds*.
  • We work to elevate BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) speakers, presenters, facilitators, and mentors in our programming in the US and abroad. 
  • We create Brave Space in our programs and we incorporate themes of equity, social justice, and antiracism throughout our curriculum. 
  • We pay our alumni interns and we work to support career readiness for our students by providing pathways to employment through our network of corporate partners and supporters.

Commitments to our team: 

  • We commit to building a team that is representative of the backgrounds, identities, and experiences of the students and community partners that we serve. We had to reduce our team significantly in response to COVID-19 and we are building back with this commitment front and center.  
  • We invest in hiring practices that intentionally elevate and support BIPOC candidates from sourcing to onboarding, training, and retention.
  • We work in partnership with talented DEI consultants with expertise in the travel industry to continuously evaluate how we can do better for our BIPOC staff, educators, and students.
  • We host ongoing DEI training, workshops, and learning groups and provide external coaching to support our team to navigate the challenges and barriers facing our BIPOC students, educators, and staff. 

We are a learning organization and when we don’t get it right we commit to doing better. We will always give our all to support every member of our global community to feel that they can fully be themselves and thrive at Global Glimpse.


The Global Glimpse Team

*We’ve defined low-income as families earning less than $70k annually based on federal poverty levels, eligibility for federal and state support programs, and cost-of-living in our programmatic locations.