Hello readers! This is another update from the Leaders of the Day! We have some familiar faces with us, Michelle and Andrea, along with a new one, Tamara! Today was a simple day, and as we come to the end of our trip, we’ll keep this update short and sweet.

As Leaders of the day, Andrea, Michelle, and Tamara woke an hour earlier than the rest of our group to prepare for the day. After eating breakfast, we had a quick bus ride to a beach nearby, making a mad dash to the shore. Time passed, and everyone began diverting their attention to different activities including beach volleyball, collecting seashells, and card games. Despite the light rain on a beach day, we were barely affected because we as a group looked forward to this day for a long time. After six hours at Playa Uverito, we headed back to the hotel to clean ourselves up a bit, then dressed up to head to IFAHRU for a special graduation ceremony for our students. We were lucky enough to be the last group with these students, which allowed us to participate in their graduation. After handing out their certificates and taking pictures, we hosted a talent show including both IFAHRU students and us. Soon following that we danced and ate ice cream then returned to Hotel Piamonte. (WE ALSO GOT OUR CUTARRAS!)

We have a 7:00am wake up call tomorrow and will return to Panama City to see the canal. One more full day to go!

Michelle: As my second time being Leader of the Day, I learned that with every situation there is always a way to make it have a positive outlook. With the rain, it isn’t the typical day to have a beach day, but it was still incredibly fun to collect shells and take walks down the beach.

Andrea: During my second round of being Leader of the Day I was more confident in what I was doing. I was sure of my position and kept on top of things.

Tamara: I have been waiting so long for this day! Being Leader of the Day was great, and I completed every task to the best of my ability. I found joy in the smallest of things such as making sure details of the day are all organized, making sure everyone was drinking water and eating their meals, etcetera. I would like to give a shout out to my family! I miss you guys, and I’ll be home soon!

Leading a group of teenagers sounds like a daunting task, but everyone was as sweet as honey.