Today marked our last full day together (Day #17), also known as our “Self-Reflection” Day. We woke up at 7:00 AM and we had a Gallo-pinto and egg-filled breakfast. From there, we started our self-reflection. Considering our QOTD (Question Of The Day) was, “Do you feel like you made the most of your trip to Nicaragua?”, Glimpsers used the time to reflect back on meaningful memories, feelings, and insights. We participated in a wide array of activities in which we were open and honest with how the trip has transformed our perspective and leadership skills. We pledged to stop, start, and continue certain activities, from our experience in Nicaragua. Some pledged to continue their community outreach, start being more globally-engaged, and stop wasting time and utilize their unique opportunities and potential. We also participated in a “Big Love Shout-Out” where Glimpsers wrote compliments and acknowledgments to individual students. An “Open Mic” was held during lunch so students and GG Leaders could share raps, poems, and other forms of expression to share their feelings about the trip.

As you can imagine, this session was intense and emotional. We have all grown so close within these last 17 days and have become a family; not out of blood but out of friendship. As we reflected, we laughed, cried, and smiled. From our lunch of lasagna, we went into free-time. Students started packing, worked on their donor letters, cleaned, prepared for their English Tutoring Talent Show, and went out to explore Matagalpa. Many bought snacks for their English Tutoring class, went to the Cyber-Cafés, and bought last-minute souvenirs for loved ones. From free time, we went into dinner, consisting of tortillas, Gallo-pinto, coleslaw, and meatloaf. We then walked to English Tutoring, and led a talent show for each of our classes. Many students sang, danced, and showed their special skills. Pictures were taken, emails were written, Facebook username were also written, and goodbyes were said. It was expressed in our nightly meeting that English Tutoring was one of the most meaningful experiences in Nicaragua, which meant the goodbyes were met with a bittersweet end. Many students were reluctant to see some of their favorite teachers leave, and many teachers were also reluctant to say goodbye to their students.

We ended the Nightly Meeting with tearful expressions of gratitude during our “Big Love” portion. Like I said, many of us view our delegation as a family. Our GG Leaders were like our parents, and our fellow Glimpsers like sisters and brothers. Our delegation was honest and open with each other since Day #1. Perhaps, this is what made goodbyes today so incredibly difficult. However, we were reminded that the spirit of each of us is embedded in our mind and heart. A group as dedicated as ours will find a way to be together. As for our “Family Away From Family”, we will always be close; even miles away.

As for our loved ones, we will see you at 12:15 AM at SFO tomorrow (technically Friday)! From all the Glimpsers, we thank everyone for their continued support and love, even from another country! That being said, shout-out to my mom!!!!
Your Lider Del Dia,
Sophia Lenschmidt