Hello from the DR!! We started the day off with a nice breakfast which was ham and cheese sandwiches which were extremely good! We then had a nice mental warm-up which prepared us for the day, which was followed by the Multiuso Coacher activity which was directed by Bernado (The Alegria Inocente Foundation) who introduced us to our CAP Project. We all enjoyed listening to what Bernado had to say about what his foundation does (donating school supplies, and clothes and rebuilding houses for people in need). We then went to the supermarket where people were able to get snacks, drinks, and candies! That was followed by going to another store, Plaza Commercial, which had a dollar store kind of vibe that literally had everything (be prepared to receive stuff from your kids from the market!).  It then started to POUR so we headed back to the hotel where we had some free time, we all gave hauls on what we got from the Plaza, it was extremely interesting to see what everyone purchased, and the voice effects after someone presented something were very funny. We then had lunch which was chicken, white rice, beans, and cucumbers (which we had collected from yesterday). After lunch, we went to the community where we would be completing our CAP project. Everyone had strong teamwork as it was very slippery when going through the community. It was very eye-opening and vulnerable. As a group, we all felt grateful for what we had back in the US. The 3 people we met who we will be helping throughout the three days were very welcoming, kind, and appreciative of the work we will be doing. We then had a quick seminar that discussed our plan for our project (providing concrete cement floors to their homes) and prepared us for what we would all be doing! Following that, we had dinner which was spaghetti with meat sauce and bread. We then ended the night with our nightly meeting which recapped the day and introduced our next student leaders for tomorrow!

Parents, remember to PLEASE COMMENT so your children can hear from you during the trip, as comments will be read during free time! You should have also received an email about your kid calling you at some point tomorrow, so when you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, please answer the phone as they will be looking forward to talking to you.

Much love,

Jayla and Daniela <3 (to both of our families and friends, S’mores and Juliet we MISS and LOVE you so much!!!)