Our journey began in the early morning hours at Boston Logan airport, where we all met face-to-face for the first time! Though most of us were groggy from the time and travel, you could feel the excitement as we navigated two different airports and a three-hour bus trip up the mountainous pass to Constanza.

As we ascended the winding roads towards our destination, the beauty of the country peaked through the thick foliage. We eventually made it to the summit, where the letters CONSTANZA welcomed us with an amazing view of our new temporary home.

Shortly after we arrived at our accomodations where we were greeted by Dilenia, the owner of the restaurant and hotel we are staying at, who cooked us a delicious dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. After some ice breakers we conducted our nightly meeting to review the safety rules and guidelines and then settled in for the night.

Just like our trek up the mountain today, we all find ourselves on a journey that pushes us to the peaks of our potential. We are all excited to experience this together!

Be sure to view additional pictures in our Flickr album here.

Jeromie Whalen
Global Glimpse Leader