Alberto shares an activity to get us to think about thinking about others first

Day 11: Second Free Day!!!!
Helloooooo everybody (-:

To give a SUPER short summary of the day, it was really chill. My co-leader Litzy and I woke everybody up at 8am so everyone got to sleep in this morning! (Unfortunately, Litzy is feeling a little under the weather at the moment, so she can’t join me to write the blog tonight. We hope you feel better Litzy!) Then, we had some breakfast and got free-time right after until lunch. Today’s question of the day was “How can you take advantage of your free-time and accomplish responsibilities?” So having that in mind, everyone tried to make the most of their time and get everything they wanted to get done. Many people prioritized souvenirs because we won’t have much free-time since we’ll be starting our CAP project. Then, we all came back for lunch. Annnnd, we had free-time again after that. Our only responsibility today was English tutoring. Unfortunately, some students didn’t show up so the other teachers joined other classrooms and observed the classes.

Tonight Alberto started off our nightly meeting differently from our usual schedule with an activity that really made us reflect about his statement of “stop putting yourselves first.” This ended up being my highlight of the day. It taught us about choices and and how we all have different kinds of opportunities. (Ask us about it when we get home in a few days! I’m pretty sure we all had something to take away from this.)

I think that the activity really hit the group differently since we all come from varying backgrounds. The activity connected the 3 C’s (Commitment, Courage, and Compassion) into the lesson that Alberto wanted us to think about while we do our CAP project. We start our CAP project tomorrow afternoon so I’m REALLY excited. I know that the others are too so we should get a good night sleep for the day ahead of us! Goodnight!
Lots of love,
Destiny (and Litzy)

P.S. Remember to pick us up Saturday night at SFO Flight 382 COPA Arrival around midnight! See you at the international gate (-:

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