Howdy, this is Brenda and Iris,

Today is June 28th and we woke up bright and early at 6 am to wake up others at 6:30 for breakfast. We had some delicious pancakes with eggs.

After our usual morning meeting where we reflected on our time here in Costa Rica. We did big love which was basically just writing something sweet about every person within 30 seconds which was difficult.

We played the touch game which is us tapping someone when we hear a statement that describes them…for example saying “tap someone you will miss” and then they go around and tap someone they’ll miss. This was more than just a game to us it made us realize how much we’ve grown and experienced together and how we’ll miss each other very much 🙁

For lunch, we had chicken with spinach with a cheesy sauce and rice. Which was very delicious and we are going to miss it. We also took the time to give out caters a letter of appreciation for there delicious meals they’ve given us. Doña Ligia was kind enough to bring us a desert which was plantain with condensed milk, which was obviously delicious. She also said her goodbyes to us which made all of us very sentimental and we all gave our caters a big hug.

Before we knew it was time to clean our room which was our home for 2 weeks. It suddenly began to rain which made us feel even sadder.

Everyone mentioned “this is our last” which was a bittersweet moment. Of course, we miss our families but we will forever miss and remember Costa Rica.


Iris and Brenda Outttt!!!!

P.S. Yes I scraped the plate after every meal!! I miss you so much give Cupid and Marcel a hug for me! – Iris