Today was not only our departure day but also a day of reflection. During the past 18 days we have learned from our experiences on what it means to be a leader in Bonao and our individual communities. We began with our two and a half program seminar which was a reflection of our time in Bonao and also an open mic, where students shared songs, raps and letters. This was an outlet for us to share how this trip has affected our individuality. The seminar created a safe and comfortable space for us to share every single thing we felt, whether it be bad or good, that has molded us into the Global Glimpsers we are today. Our last English Tutoring Class ended with an emotional but cheerful goodbye(s). Teachers prepared parties for the Spanish speaking students and left them with the ability to take on the world with English. After our sorrowful goodbyes, we headed to Freddy’s Empanadas and Pizzeria in which we were awaited and surprised by delicious Dominican Pizza, with the big thanks to Miguel and Josefina. It was also our last ride with Juan Pablo, which was hard to swallow because he has been our dedicated and beloved driver during our trip. We got to spend our last dinner in the Dominican Republic with the amazing local youth ambassadors and reflect with them on how we have impacted them and vice versa. After dinner, we took a walk to a surprise location and came across a party bus as our final group activity. We also got to say goodbye and take pictures with our dedicated cook, Licelot who fed us delicious authentic food and smiled for us every time. We saw her before we left, which touched our hearts. We partied like it was 1987 and enjoyed some amazing tunes from Corey and Miguel, our guest DJs. We drove up and down the streets of Bonao experiencing the night life while singing our hearts out as the last good bye to the city. We went back to the Fundacion for a final time in which we grabbed our bags.

With all this we thank our GG leaders Corey Winchester and Katie Frett for being patient, awesome leaders and thought provoking for the students. With out our GG leaders there wouldn’t have been such a great impact on our Global Glimpse experience. We thank our Site Manager, Miguel, and Program Coordinator, Josefina, because without their strong efforts the trip would not have had such an emotional and physical impact. We coming home y’all!