Day 2 started extra early for some of us who decided to join our in-country leader at the gym while the rest of us slept a little longer.  Then we all met at the dining table for a delicious breakfast of pancakes and corn flakes.  After breakfast we got to know each other a little better and started to learn some more about local politics.  We visited el Museo de la Revolucion and heard some amazing war stories from very passionate local veterans.  They described their experiences in detail and really helped us understand the sequence of events over the past hundred years that contributed to the political situation today.

After the museum we returned to the hostel for a yummy lunch of chicken with vegetables, rice and watermelon.  After lunch we met another passionate local political science expert named Sylvio who helped us understand the complexities of both Nicaraguan politics and those of the U.S.  Sylvio’s presentation prepared us to then debate who has a more pure democracy between the two countries.  Both sides presented very compelling arguments, but in the end team Nicaragua triumphed and we all celebrated by going out for ice cream.

After ice cream we boarded another party bus and went to visit El Fortin, a former military base and prison, up in the hills overlooking Leon.  There we met Marvin, another passionate veteran, who is working with a group to restore this local monument.  We found the tour of El Fortin very interesting, and then took a ton of pictures of the beautiful view.  We then bid goodbye to Marvin and drove back to the hostel for dinner.  We enjoyed meatballs, beans, cheesy squash and salad.

The last part of our day consisted of another seminar where we learned more about the English classes we would be teaching, our nightly meeting, and some self-reflection time.  It was a LONG day for us Glimpsers here in Leon, and now we’re relaxing, playing some card games and chatting.  Tomorrow is another action-packed day, so until then, buenas noches!

Ms. Mac