Hello to all GG families!



Today we got our hands dirty by working like a local! We started our day off early and after breakfast we began our adventure for the day. Our first destination was a farm owned by GG partner, Jamie. Our drive today was even more special than usual because of the fact that the clouds, which had been shielding Mt. Chimborazo from our view the past few days, parted giving us a beautiful glimpse at its snowy peaks.

Once we arrived at the farm, we were given a tour by Jamie. During the tour he showed us how he cares for his land and the numerous animals that are on the farm. It was very important to Jamie that his animal had a sense of freedom. To achieve this he would not put leashes on his dogs so that they can roam the farm freely. His kindness was extended to us when he opened his home and his heart to us by telling the group about the history of the farm. Jamie informed us that the farm had been in their family since 1962, how he had worked on the farm since he was young, and how he intends to pass the farm down to his son. On the farm we helped with dispensing fertilizer and collect potato seeds for them to plant at a later time. This work was hard but highly rewarding. Knowing that our work would benefit Jamie and eventually the people of Ecuador made us proud of ourselves. Jamie informed us that he has an Instagram page with Global Glimpse so we will be able to see the fruits of our labor! After our hard work, we ate lunch at the farm and departed for La Primavera.

Our second trip of the day was going back to La Nativa to enjoy a well earned dinner. There we enjoyed beautifully roasted potatoes, amazing rice, fresh salad, and excellently cooked ribs! We then returned to La Primavera for our nightly meeting where the torches were passed onto the next Leaders of the Day and discussed our plans for tomorrow as we head to Mt. Chimborazo!

Big Love, Charlize and Maxwell