group pic w former vp of nica dr. rizzo

On this episode of Global Glimpse, we ventured on the tricky subject of “politics” in Nicaragua. Our agenda, after dining on delicious pancakes and rice/beans, was visiting the former Nicaraguan Vice-President and his lovely home. Dr. Rizzo, was the former 2002-2006 Vice President of Nicaragua and we were able to experience his hospitality by entering his home (that was being remodeled as a hotel). His eyes opened with wisdom and compassion when he went on about how Nicaraguan priorities should be focused on the education of the youth. That the future of humanity rests on the shoulders and brains of the youth. To solve all of the problems that plague Nicaragua, we must invest money on educating the youth with democracy. After a series of controversial questions (because what’s politics without controversies), we entered his backyard and saw that he had peacocks everywhere.

peacock 1

We thanked him for our visit and since I was the leader of the day, I thought it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a picture while handshaking him. (2 politicians greeting each other)

eldd and dr. rizzo

We embarked back home after lunch to find that we have another guest speaker who has the name of Ramon. He is formally a writer and housed vast knowledge of political theories during his 60 years on this Earth. He used to be an open supporter of the Sandinista during the Somaza period and then quickly changing his sympathy to the Contras. Having openly supporting both sides and seeing the flaws and ruins of both groups, he gave us the advice that politics is mostly a grey matter. There is no absolute black or white, and that war leads us no where, and we should “make love, not war.” We thanked him shortly and asked for a quick picture.

group pic w writer ramon pineda

Last of all, I took a picture with him while he shook my hands. 2 politicians in one day!

eldd and ramon