Being Leader of the Day started with the nightly meeting where I had to present a talent in which I wrote in Cambodian. After the nightly meeting, I had to do bedtime calls. Since it’s Politics day, we had to dress strictly professional for the CAP presentations. We had breakfast and had a good academic seminar in which we talked about politics and how corruption was prevalent in the Dominican government. Everyone was really involved, so as a leader, I was really happy that things were going smoothly!

After we had our seminar, we had a little free time to practice our CAP presentations that were to be presented in front of Carina(Country director) and the director of FEMUCAMO(thus why we dressed so professionally). I was in the Event Planning Committee, so our group went first. The presentations went by really smoothly and they were really excited about it. Our presentation was about a yucca fair and how we’d organize one that’ll help promote it. They really liked the presentations and were ecstatic to see what we had in stock for them. I was told that we exceeded their expectations and it was really nice to hear. Presentations ended at 12:30 and we had a great lunch to which everyone was looking forward. Lunch then ended and we took the bus to meet the Moca youth at PEDEPE.

Upon our arrival at PEDEPE, we all got off and went into a room where we then met the active youth. They were part of a group that engaged in community service and were really passionate in what they were doing. They really inspired me to be a better person and do good for my community. It was really heart-warming to see the youth so involved in their community and politics. After doing a fun activity where we identified the issues in Moca and looked for solutions with them. We then drove straight to English tutoring which was pretty interesting. My class was a bit more hectic today, but it was still fun. It was raining so we walked back to the hostel for dinner and had self-reflection after. After that, we had our nightly meeting and it ended up to be a pretty successful night! I’m especially proud of my Glimpsers for supporting me and following through so well. They were energetic and responsive to me when I said “Hey Glimpsers!” and that made me feel like I was doing my job right. Overall, today was a good day!

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