DSC_0717When I woke up my fellow Glimpsers bright and early, who would have known what the day would have held. Our intended Leader Del Dia, Andy, was ill and I stepped up to the plate. Today was a challenging day because a few other Glimpsers were bed ridden. Big love to all those who were not feeling 100, you were all in our thoughts as we rooted for you all to feel better. After a lovely breakfast and a very fun round of Werewolf, we put ourselves into an Ecuadorian citizens shoes to analyze events of Ecuador’s past and related to how they connect to politics in the US and current Ecuadorian politics. We were engaged in a discussion to prepare us for our speaker later in the afternoon.

Our two guests, Paul and Rachel were members of Movimiento Juventud Contracorriente Ecuador. Paul spoke with a passion about the Ideology of Happiness and the importance of being involved in social organizations and politics. Powerful ideas and words planted seeds in all those present to bring about change in all our communities. The analogies of how our social conscience drives our lives were inspiring. The insights we gained today sparked something within us. I learned that happiness isn’t a result, it’s a consequence. Afterwards, we had lunch a great traditional Ecuadorean meal at Nativa.

In the afternoon, we took advantage of our freedom to go out on our own and stopped by a local store to pick up well earned snacks and treats. They energized us as we presented our plans for our Community Action Project. We’re all excited to take action and leave our mark here in Ecuador. Our plans to open a market at Casa De La Mujer came to life as we worked to finalize our plans. We then got into our teaching groups and planned lessons for English class #5. After a hard working day, we had a bit of free time which we used to play 2 more rounds of Werewolf. Through the game, we grew closer and got out some well needed laughs.



We had our nightly meeting before dinner today to allow everyone some extra sleep. My favorite part was hearing feedback from my peers on my leadership. It was all positive and supportive and I will grow from the feedback. That concludes our politics day and stay tuned for updates on Living Like a Local tomorrow night! 😃


Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my family, friends and loved ones back home. I hope you’re having fun at Yellowstone, Devin and Axel. Near or far, always close at heart. When I come home, I’ll be stronger than ever. Carlos, you’ll be happy to know I’m almost done with I Am The Messenger.

The unforgettable friends, moments, and experiences I’ve had here make life worth living, can’t wait for more Renzy.


Neelyn really misses you mom.

Peace out -Mikaela 🌺