A Group photo with Interact and Rotaract youth

A Group photo with Interact and Rotaract youth

Hello everyone, SB2 here! Our names are Sierra and Sabrina and we were the leaders today for Politics day. Today was a day full of fun activities such as our free time in San Victor and eye opening conversations with youth from the Rotoract and Interact clubs. Many of us visited the internet café and enjoyed some delicious snacks from a nearby bakery. Another group of students took a trip to Moca in order to collect supplies for our upcoming Community Action Project (CAP). During our meeting with Rotoract and Interact we heard first-hand experiences of political corruption in the Dominican Republic. Some examples of the political corruption that the speakers shared with us are the greediness of local and federal politicians, the lack of ways for locals to access information about their government, and the slim amount of attention given to issues like crime, pollution and delinquency. We did activities that provided more insight and allowed us to compare politics here in the Dominican Republic to the United States.

It's us!

It’s us!

We had an amazing time being the leaders of the day today. We both loved different parts of the leadership role, and learned new things about ourselves along the way. Sabrina loved stepping into the Global Glimpse leader’s shoes and really understanding what a big responsibility it is to make sure everyone is safe. She gained more confidence while taking charge of the group. Sierra loved being able to work as a team in order to get our jobs done while still having a ton of fun. She learned how to communicate well with her partner, Global Glimpse leaders, and peers. With this opportunity, we were able to grow closer as leaders and as friends with each other and the rest of the group. We are sad to be leaving in 3 short days, but excited for completing our CAP and bonding even more with our team.

See you soon,