Hello everyone! I’m proud to officially be the first Glimpser on the trip to write on the blog. I apologize ahead of time, it is late and we’ve had a long day so I’m experiencing a shortage of creative thoughts. Please bear with me and enjoy 🙂


We started the day out earlier than usual, about 6:00, it seems like our daily wake up call is progressively inching closer to dawn 🙁 . . . Anyways! Breakfast was amazing as usual and the energizer seemed to create a sweeter environment. We were required to randomly walk around until a call was given to stop and regroup into a circle, then we turned to the person on our right, and one at a time gave them 3 compliments. Afterwards we had a very informational political seminar informing us on the corrupt but powerful leaders in charge of the humble country. This activity fed into the next which was our peace workshop where we discussed our thoughts on the best ways to keep peace in the country and the world (We had the privilege to listen to Jon Lennon’s “Imagine” . . . twice!)


Having a 2 hour break and the ability to leave the hostel and explore a little bit of the town (with the GG leaders of course! ;)) was a nice change in routine. However, the guest speaker was truly memorable, a 20-year-old dressed as an 80-year-old who narrated a “play” put on by his frivolous friends made learning about the history of Nicaraguan politicians a fun activity.


As amazing as the entire day was, nothing compared to the english tutoring classes we taught from 5-6:45. The students were incredibly passionate about learning a new language and were very attentive during classes. Every glimpser was so humbled after meeting individuals whom they had just met, yet would be able to call friends. Teaching these classes, were of course, the highlight of every Glimpser’s day (besides the chocolate cake :)p) and is an experience we’re not likely to forget. Thank you Nicaragua for an amazing day, and for even more amazing people! Stay tuned for tomorrow! It’s fun day! (btw we love your comments! a special part of our day is reading them out loud to the group and having a great laugh, thank you all at home for the effort!) <3


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