Today more than the previous days made us think critically of the country in which we reside.  It made us consider the country’s history even more so than the day before. We learned everything from the political parties beginning at the end of a corrupt dictating families rain to the current president Ortega’s rise to power.

Later today, we visited CENIDH, a nongovernmental non profit organization aimed at preserving human rights within Nicaragua. “We deal with about six hundred a year, three hundred of which are actually violations of the most basic of rights citizens should be entitled to” says lead CENIDH speaker & representative. Among such talks was his explanation of how the crimes committed connected back to corruption and unlawful activities of the current gov. under Daniel Ortega and the remainder of the afternoon left most, if not all of us Glimpers more aware then ever of the current state of a free but imprisoned people.

We then headed back to our hotel ‘El-Chico’ to eat a very filling lunch of rice & beans (LOL). Not too long after a group of theatre majoring college students visited us not only to give us more historical information but to do so in a way that would allow us to visualize and laugh. However not even the jokes could cover the seriousness of particular topics. As comical as it was and was meant to be the glimpsers knew and were aware of the solemn moments when spoken of.

After a show of unexpected yet amazing dance & and circus performances by our theatric majors we retired to our English teaching groups to plan out our lessons for the evening. We were all really nervous and scared about letting the students down or not teaching them up to their expectations previously set by the past two delegations. We all spent our designated hour along with our thirty minute break prepping.

The walk to the school was just a few mins away but I can assure you it felt a lot longer as students shortened their strides to get more time to prepare. Despite the limited time students were able to walk into their classes confident and leveled with a mapped out lesson, class work, & homework. The fear not only disappeared but was replaced with a very unique type of  happiness as all the glimpsers laughed and taught their students with ease completely disregarding age or language barriers. It was truly a beautiful moment.

As a part of the leadsership team, a fellow Glimpser, and a to be American high school senior learning the differences between  commanding and leading I would like to thank the glimpsers for allowing me to step up and be the person they look to, even if it was just for a day. For someone who usually stays in the background I was nervous to take the reins and become that leader figure but my fellow glimpsers made it not a task but an honor & it’s one I am greatful to have had the pleasure of serving.

E1C over and out!

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