Ecuador is a beautiful country rich with culture, amazing foods, and magnificent mountains; however, it is also a country where people are hurting due to poverty. The students and I went to La Casa de la Mujer, a private institution that is able to help women in need ether due to violence, poverty, of health issues. The women on staff told us they struggle to help support the women that are clients as well as the housing itself. We saw the crumbling walls, the damaged pipes, and the leaking roofs. It hit me that these women have a mission and everyday their mission gets harder and harder to achieve due to them not having any money. It’s sad to see how these people have been struggling for so long about something that is a positive impact on the community. The thing that surprised me the most was the statistic that about 22.4% of Ecuadorian fall below the poverty line and that statistics show that if they wealthy were to get taxed just by 1.5% it would end poverty.

Me and my peers were able to come together and create new ideas in ways to end the struggles of La Casa de la Mujer in a way to make it more vibrant and appealing for both them and the public. We found a way to make both our community action project both has a long term effect and exceed our expectations and the people at La Casa de la Mujer. One person in particular was very special and dear both me and the group was named Azucena.  She has helped many women and has led La Casa for many years. When we had to leave, I said thank you for giving us the opportunity to help make La Casa great and vibrant and that we would not let her down no matter what. She began to cry thanking us for helping her and that she knows that she believes in us to make the project work.



Being El Linder del Dia was an eye opening experience on being able lead everyone and also talk to every individual on how their day is going and how their life is overall. I feel that my leadership skills grew and also I found new ways to improve and evolve as a leader when I return home. I learned today that I still have a lot to learn as a leader but that the leadership skills I have right now are great and it feels good to know that people appreciate me as a leader. I also know that even though I miss my family such as my mom, dad, and brother and I miss my friends like Edith, Horacio, and Grabiel I couldn’t be having any more fun than with the family and friends I’ve  made here.


Until tomorrow!