Hola familias y amigos de Estados Unidos!

We had an early start to our day, waking up at 5:59. However, it was 100% worth it! The theme of today was poverty, aid, and development. We began with a field trip to a local school here in Matagalpa where we learned about how they teach impoverished children using a mobile classroom. From there, we left for the communal dump to provide aid(food, juice, candy, etc.) to those in need. Additionally, we took part in the teaching using the mobile classroom when located at the dump. It was nice to see all of the children engaged and excited to learn, as well as the positivity that the global glimpse group pertained. One of the most rewarding moments was watching the determined and enthusiastic young children play with the pinata.

After showering, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of flavorful chicken and rice and left on our trip to a small school for our CAP project. Upon our arrival to the school, we were welcomed with applause from the children as well as a handmade paper flower given as a gift. All of us interacted with the children and taught them new activities, games, and art. None of the glimpsers were ready to part ways when we had to go back for dinner. This was many peoples’ favorite part of the day.

Once returning to the hostel, we sat down to a spaghetti dinner and prepared for our English lesson(s). We walked to the school and split into different classes based on Spanish-speaking levels.

Quincy: I had such a fun time today and it made me realize how rewarding it is to stay persistent in whatever it is that you are doing. I sat down with an older man named Alberto who was having trouble pronouncing north,south,east and west, and it took me so long to get him to perfect them, but once he did it was so great seeing how happy he was and the importance those words were to him. I am so excited to continue teaching and spending time with the locals!

Mari: Personally, my favorite part of the day was engaging with the younger kids at the CAP project school. I was able to teach them many American games that they were eager to learn as well as a bit of origami. However, all of the activities were very informative, interesting, and fun. Today was overall a very rewarding experience.

Overall, the group kept themselves busy with all of the activities and learned a lot about the meaning of poverty and how we can apply ourselves to be part of the solution to this significant problem.