Good Evening, it’s the leader of the day, Jacky. Today is poverty day here at Granada, Nicaragua with group G1C. We started the day at 6 in the morning and had breakfast at our usual restaurant, la comedor la favorita. After breakfast, we headed out to the city dump with 2 workers from a local church. The 2 workers were Jessie and Mario and at the dump they introduce us to people who work at the dump and also allowed us to help with their service. The service Jessie and Mario provided was serving food for the hard working people there who are struggling to support themselves and their families. After providing the meals to the workers, both Mario and Jessie gave an inspirational speech. As we arrived back at the hostel, everyone took a nice cold shower and we prepared for a self-reflection on the experience. The rest of the day went very normally where we prepared our lesson plan and then later went to teach our students. The main point of today was the unforgettable experience at the dump and I am sure everyone learn something from it.

The experience at dump had a great emotional impact on us glimpsers. Arriving, the smell hit me and it was difficult to deal with but soon I got kind of used to it. When meeting one of the workers at the dump, I lost my care for the smell because what she said struck me. She is struggling to take care of her diabetic husband and provide support for her children’s education. I realize the condition the people here are facing and as Jessie said, at least these people are doing not illegal activities and are actually trying to support their family. Jessie and Mario’s speech also hit me deep in my emotion. They both struggle with violence, alcohol and drugs but they struggle through it and are here now at the church helping people in need. Overall the whole experience made me and the other glimpsers appreciate what we have and motivated us to try and help those in need. Well thanks for reading and good night.




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