imageimageHello friends and family!

Today has been a pretty crazy day. We started off by visiting the local basurero, the city dump. We were told to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for this activity because of the harsh conditions we would witness. Dressed in long sleeves, long pants, and rubber boots- we were on our way. We first met with Doña Francisca, who works in the dump. She is Global Glimpse’s only contact with the Esteli City Dump. She was a very nice and humble woman, willing to answer all our questions. We asked her what her aspirations were and she said she wanted her youngest son Christian to go to college. He walks 1.5 hours to his high school and back everyday.

It really put our education into perspective and reminded us not to take school for granted. We have so many opportunities given to us in the United States, while some people in the world have no educational opportunities at all.

Walking through the basurero was a huge eye-opening experience. Everything about it was tough, whether it was the smell or the difficult working conditions. We saw men and women scavenging through the rubble, in order to find materials they could sell. They got very little reward for all of their hard work.

Throughout the whole day, I was really proud of our group. They handled this situation very seriously and respected everyone in the community. I am so grateful for this opportunity to have been El Líder Del Día.

We ended our day with our usual nightly meeting and had a birthday surprise for Sneha! We all sang happy birthday and enjoyed some delicious Nicaraguan birthday cake!