IMG_2873Hi, my name is Sara and I’m one of the students on the Global Glimpse trip to Grenada. Today I was El Lider del Dia (Leader of the Day). In the morning we woke up at seven and had breakfast at eight. After breakfast we had an academic seminar where, since today was poverty day, we learned about poverty in Nicaragua. Then we met up with a man named Mario, who would lead us around the dump for out field trip of the day. We were going to serve food to the people at the dump. Then, we all piled onto the bus to start the field trip. As we arrived, I was able to see how all of the people worked together to help each other find items to sell. This image deeply affected me as well of many of my peers because we gained a new perspective on other lifestyles. My most memorable moment there was when a man at the dump approached the group and thanked us for visiting them because the dump rarely gets visits from people nearby, let alone from foreigners. After an hour we all got back on the bus and returned to the hostel for a mandatory shower and a self reflection. We then had lunch and had a meeting about out CAP (Community Action Project). We are now down to three ideas. Shortly after this meeting, we were on to our second day of teaching English. By watching other groups it was easy to tell that today went much more smoothly than yesterday. Everyone was exceptionally proud of what they had accomplished and everyone had fun with their groups. After, we walked to Don Carlos’ diner to have dinner. We all walked back to the hostel and had a nightly meeting to reflect on the day. Overall, I noticed that this day was incredibly moving. My eyes were opened to a new culture and I was given a new opportunity to step up and embrace and new lifestyle. I know that everyone is excited for the days to come.