Today was packed with numerous activities. We started the day off half an hour earlier; instead of getting up at 7, we woke up at 6:30. As usual, we were provided breakfast by Lisalot, which consisted of toast, melon, and delicious, tropical juice. Over the course of the day, we kept in mind our question(s) of the day: Is it possible to get out of poverty? Can you do it on your own? and What is considered poverty?

Our first activity was kite making with a famous kite maker called Bailarin. Bailarin is recognized throughout the country for being the oldest carnaval dancer as well as making chichiguas, or kites. Afterwards, we got straight on the bus and drove an hour and a half to Constanza, where we visited a school called CECAINI. There we talked to Eufemia, the coordinator of the school, and played basketball, baseball, and finger-painted with the students. For lunch, we met up with the Constanza delegation and ate paella. It was great for some glimpsers to catch up with their friends from the other delegation. We then headed to the dump with the kites we previously made. It was an eye-opening experience to talk to the workers who spend most of their time at the dump. We shared snacks and great conversations about our lives. We also had a wonderful time flying our kites with them. Although some kites failed flight after a round or two, the workers were quick to patch them up with material from the dump. While saying our goodbyes, the workers made it clear that they were grateful for our visit and hope we come back again. After a long drive home, we immediately began our English tutoring classes, followed by dinner and a nightly meeting, per usual. Today has been a long day, but it was just as fun.