Being a leader can take on many roles, for example keeping track of time or making sure everyone is present. Going through the day, I realized the importance of not judging a book by its cover. I mention this because in the U.S many of us tend to feel pity for the poor, but in reality they are people like you and me who value things and who love living life its just a matter how people view the situation they are in. They can be poor and still love life because in some cases that’s all they know. Me and my peers took away a lot from visiting the Municipal Dump not only did we play soccer we engaged in a conversation. The conversation consisted of many topics like,how long have you worked here? Or do you bring your kids to work?, but the answer that surprised me the most was,” I have kids, but I don’t bring them because his studies are first.”(worker). In a way we all connect to the idea that our parents want the best for us. As a group I  am most proud of everyone participating in the soccer game and following through with the change in the schedule. I also am the mostly proud of everyone tutoring English given the challenges of not having that much free time to finish preparing for the class. being El Lider del Dia  was an eye opening experience not only because I was in charge 17 people, but because I faced changes that I had to work with it made me be more responsible and helped me not procrastinate. I already knew that I am an organized person but I didn’t realize that I can over stress myself and not speak out as well. Overall this was  great learning experience and thank you for reading this.