SWAG on today!!!!!11!1!!one (oscar)

What did Global Glimpse have in store for its ambassadors today?  Well, I woke up your children at 5:15 in the morning so we could get ready for a fun day at school.  After a delicious breakfast, at 6 in the morning, we headed to school to shadow a student and enlighten ourselves on a normal day for a Nicaraguense student.

Today, we learned the differences present in the Nicaraguan school system and the Californian school system.  We observed both the life inside and out of the classroom, and after a long five-hour day of school, we were left questioning their opinions about the American school system.

As a shadow, each student had his or her own, unique experience.  However, one thing we all noticed was a of lack of  dedication in the teachers and students.  Teachers and students alike were late to school and even left half way through their 20 minute classes.  The fact that children have the audacity to walk out on their education, especially when it’s so underdeveloped (but so abundant, compared to what some others get and want) was appalling to us all.

Later that night, fortunately, when we went to teach students English, we were able to appreciate their enthusiasm and excitement.  It made us very proud to give these kids an opportunity they most likely wouldn’t have had without us.  The ability to share knowledge with anyone so passionate about learning is a gift.

Students at both schools inspired us all by showing us there is a reason to smile even in the most difficult of situations.  Not once did I see a kid without a smile on his or her face and that is what truly inspired most of us today.

Being El Lider  Del Dia on such an eventful day like this was a privilege, although it was stressful at times.  I was able to gain valuable leadership skills (like how to handle large groups of people, in stressful situations) which is one of the primary foci of traveling with Global Glimpse.

Pictures are forthcoming.

That’s all folks.