Hello everybody, it’s Kieran Naidu, back again to bring you the latest news about M1A, the coolest travel glimpser group this side of Nicaragua. Today was our last free day and there were some very unfortunate events that transpired for our group, however, we spent the day to the best of our ability. We started fairly late this morning at 7:30 AM, and we once again had the Matagalpa Special, Gallo Pinto and eggs, this time with potatoes for extra starchy action. After, we all traveled to a Laundromat in order to pick up some clothes we dropped off the other day. Along the way, we ran into a little bit of error with our directions, but we at least got to explore the city more. We finally ended up at the Laundromat, and to our dismay, many people had to pay more than the original price states due to matters concerning the weight of our laundry bags. Also, the people who washed our clothes wrote our names on the tags, with many names being written on the wrong pieces of clothing. However, on the way back to the hostel, we ran into the other delegation, M2A, and we were able to coordinate a meet-up with them successfully! When we dropped off our bags at the hostel, we all went our separate ways to spend our free day, however, the whole city got hit with a city-wide power outage at that exact moment, rendering our ability to go to internet cafés useless. Everything is okay now, obviously, as I am able to post this blog to view. During the time before lunch, some groups went to a nail salon, and others went to cafés to get coffee. After lunch, a couple of us went to the other hostel to visit the other delegation, finally. However, we only got to spend around 5 minutes there as they were about to start their own CAP project. Then, some groups went to play sports, while others went to cafés again and get haircuts. The group I was in went to play basketball, however, construction workers were repainting the court. The power was still out too, so we couldn’t go to internet cafés either. It looked like everything was trying to ruin our free day, however we all rallied back and tried to joke about how the day could have been worse. We all arrived back at the hostel at 4:45 PM for dinner, and after, we went to English tutoring. Just to end our day on a great note though, the sky started to rain while we were walking home. And you guessed it, none of us had hoodies to protect us from the rain. It’s whatever to me though, as I was just happy to spend my last free day with all the people I’ve grown to care about over these past 2 weeks.