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Juggling in the park, of course!

Juggling lessons in the park, of course!

In honor of superstitious Saida (or was it “spectacular”) today was a LUCKY day. It was a day for firsts (we are #1) and the LUCKY number 7!!! Today we were able to proudly gather up 7 Glorious Glimpsers from 7 different schools to meet for the very first time.

A special thanks to all who could make it: Intellignet Ivania, Jazzy Jasmin, Engaged Eli (and dad), Wonderful William (and mom), Dangerous Daniel, Joyful Jovani, Superstitious/Spectacular Saida, Daring DeVico, and Misty Ms. Deem. To those of you who could not attend, we MISSED YOUR PRESENCE and look SO forward to meeting on July 9th at 6:55 am. Until then, yours truly in commitment, courage, and compassion ~ GG Delegation-Riobamba-2, July 9th, 2016.