DAY 12!!!! Today we finished our CAP (Community Action Project)!!

We (the LDDs/Leaders of the Day) woke up bright and early today in order to get the other Glimpsers awake and ready for transport to the CAP worksite. We went into the workday knowing that there was a possibility of finishing early, and our expectations were gladly met. On today’s short agenda, we needed to complete covering up the pipes with the dirt we previously dug from the ground. We also needed to finish gluing some of the pipes together because of the leak that occurred with some surrounding pipes yesterday. The presence of our beloved GGLs (Global Glimpse Leaders) was missed, as Lenore and Teah were taking their deserved day off! The new PC (Program Coordinator), Hector, covered for them today. We ended up completing our CAP at only 10 am, leaving us with the whole day ahead!

But before heading back to our accommodation, we gave Big Love to the community that helped and guided us throughout the past three days.

We had about an hour’s worth of rest before lunch and the anticipation began for the barber and manicurist to arrive! Our Glimpsers had the option to use their free time in order to catch up on haircuts and manicures! For the rest of the afternoon, people took the opportunity to relax and take a nap before our self-reflection at 5:00 pm, which is when Teah and Lenore rejoined the group from their spa day. During self-reflection, we reflected using a three-part process. The first part was a reflection on the group’s work on the Community Action Project. The second part was a personal reflection on working on the CAP, and the last was a group discussion about the end result and similar future ambitions.

We had dinner at 7 pm and went to our Nightly Meeting where we (the LDDs) passed the torch over to the leaders for tomorrow Kevin and Isaiah! Overall today was a successful day in our eyes as we got to see our hard work and its impact on the community. Our group is hopeful that our actions are sustainable and that the project is able to provide the surrounding town with what they need to make their lives more convenient and accessible. Today was a great way to end our CAP and we are glad we had ample time to rest. However, we also recognize the power that the community holds in bringing themselves together in order to gain a better life for themselves and others. Looking back on these CAP work days and the trip as a whole, we realize our privilege in getting the simplest amenities.

We are looking forward to our Final Reflection Day and our “Special Dinner” tomorrow before departure day!