Wow! This last week flew by. Today we successfully completed our Community Action Project, but before we get into that, let’s begin our story at dawn. We were asleep at dawn. But, after dawn it was our faithful duty to wake our fellow Glimpsers up at 6:25, which is no easy task. After knocking and yelling… I mean, gently waking everyone up, our day started. We started off our morning with a healthy breakfast at La Estancia. There, Anna treated us with some buttery croissants, cheesy tortillas, and heavenly huevos. Oh, and fresh watermelon with some tangy pineapple juice!

After our lavish meal, we set out on our expedition to find our bus. We faced narrow streets, the weight of 20 bottles of juice, and our own personal demons (being out of shape). Mission – success!  On the way to Las Gradas (the elementary school where we were doing our project), we jammed out to some oldies and sang loudly and off-pitch. After our arrival at the school, it was grind time. Everyone stayed in their lane and got to work. It was amazing to see what we could accomplish when we were dedicated and focused. A group led by Kieren worked on painting the recycling mural, while other groups worked on painting the stairs and finishing the hummingbird mural. After a couple hours of hard work, we took a lunch break at around 11:30 to refuel. Shortly thereafter, Marco recruited some neighborhood kids to contribute their handprints to our tree mural.

By this point most of our murals were nearing completion, and it was time to add the top coat. This task proved more more complicated than expected, but through trial and error we figured it out. Four minutes before before our set deadline of 2:00, we finished painting the murals. Everyone was so excited about the completion of the three-day project, but after hours of near non-stop work in the sun, we were too exhausted to celebrate immediately. It was postponed to the bus ride, where we sang our hearts out.

We had two hours of rest and hygiene (i.e. scrubbing all of the paint off), and then we met to write our final drafts of our letters of appreciation to the GG donors. After that, we headed back to La Estancia and enjoyed a great meal that included the much anticipated cuy (guinea pig). The majority of those who tried it liked it, but there were a few who weren’t fans.

After dinner we headed back and had our usual nightly meeting, where we passed the LDD torch to Kieran. We had a great discussion about everything we learned through CAP and what lessons we will take back home. Also, we discussed what to do with the leftover funds we had all donated for CAP, and we unanimously decided to donate to MIES (the nursing home we visited on Aid and Development Day)! After, we were surprised with ice cream, popcorn, and a movie night. Speaking of, we have to go finish watching Mulan. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Thanks for reading!

Maddie & Lindsey