imageHey  guys! I hope everyone is doing good :))))) today we  were Las Lideres  Del Dia! We had the chance to learn about politics and politicking by our speaker Gabriel Mascarío, who is a public defender who is originally from San Juan de la Maguana. We got the chance to see how the government and politics work in Dominican Republic. What surprised a lot of our Global  Glimpsers was the corruption and manipulation throughout the government. He inspired us to be more involved in politics, to be more aware, and to stop the indifference between youth. He gave us the inspiration to be aware and be activists of what is happening in today’s society.

As well as learning about politics and politicking we got to present our idea for the Community Action Project (CAP). We decided to create a library for the community of Maguana Al Medio and present it to Solanna who is the head of FUNDEMA. As a group we decided to paint murals and build shelves to beautify the library, which was approved by Solanna.

Although being leader of the day was tough we would like to thank our group for being supportive, asking important questions to our speaker Gabriel and for being passionate about the CAP presentation.