Welcome to the group blog post for Day 4: Community Day!

Today our whole group was given the opportunity to spend an entire day with a family from Aquiares, Costa Rica. When we were with the families we were able to go on hikes and get to know the town better. We also learned how to make some delicious empanadas and tortillas. To wash that down we had some homemade coffee/chocolate milk. After eating we played some pickup basketball and some glimpsers were sideline cheerleaders. Once the game was over we said our goodbyes and parted ways with the family.

Everyone on the trip was authentically exposed to a different lifestyle and culture. Thanks to our amazing translators (Anthony, Suri, Jimmy, Joanna, and Sammy… other glimpsers) we were able to connect with the families and learn about their story on a more intimate level. The connections with the families, from the smallest baby to the eldest grandfather, were all so special and couldn’t be replicated I’m any other way. Glimpsers learned and experienced the daily life of a Costa Rican. They learned that life is different around the globe. Throughout the day there were several surprises. All of them revolving around the hospitality brought on by the families. The families were very welcoming and went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. We were also very surprised about how interconnected the community is. Everyone out on the streets always greeted us by saying “buenas tardes” which translates to good day. The day was filled with great surprises.

While we were visiting the community, as a Leader of the Day, I was very proud of the way our group was so eager to embody and learn about a different culture. We all came back onto the bus with such fun stories. Faces lit up with excitement, joy, appreciation, and love when reflecting on the day spent with such hospitable families.  Today, both of the leaders (Anthony & Sydney) learned several things about themselves. They learned that being a leader can be hard. They learned that being a leader is more than just leading the group. They learned that being a leader is something that everyone should try.

Mom, look, I’m dribbling with my left hand in the picture, moochie, we threw football the whole time we walked through town but nobody can catch like you, and dad, there was a guy from Penn State here, (just kidding) ok I was allowed only one sentence so I’m done now and I love you guys.

Ahorra quiero dar un saludo a la familia Alvarez. Los extraño mucho y extraño mucho mi mateito; los veo pronto. ❤️