Hi Glimpsers and families,

My name is Samantha Nguyen (she/ella), and I’ll be one of three Global Glimpse Leaders traveling with you to Ecuador! I taught Biology and AP Environmental Science at El Cerrito High School for 6 years, but I recently moved homes and am excited to start a new chapter teaching at Leigh High School in San Jose this fall. There’s a lot of change and newness happening in my life right now, and while it’s definitely scary, I’m trying to embrace it and view it as an opportunity to learn and grow – just like I hope you all will for our trip. This will be my first time traveling as a GG Leader even though I’ve worked with GG students for 2 years now, so I’m super stoked to learn and grow with you as well! 

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many places: everywhere from North America (Canada, Mexico, several US states), Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore), and Europe (Austria, Spain, Germany). Fun fact: I went on a school trip to Costa Rica back in 2010 when *I* was in high school, and it was one of the best and most formative experiences I had in high school – so I can’t wait for you to have your own travel experience with Global Glimpse. I also learned Spanish in high school, so bear with me as I try to dust off my Spanish speaking skills…

Aside from being a high school teacher, I am a professional Lindy Hop dancer who teaches, performs, and competes in swing dancing all over the world. I also own over 100 board games (I’ll bring some for us to play during our down-time in the evening!) and enjoy experimenting with new recipes in my air fryer and Instant Pot. You can also catch me binge-watching crime shows on Netflix or hiking outdoors with friends. 

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and supporting you through this amazing, life-changing experience! See you on July 14th!!!

Big love,