Our day started with an early wake up call at 5:45 am. As usual we went to eat breakfast at Buffet Estelí, we were served gallo pinto with eggs and tortillas. After breakfast we walked to El Mercado el Lazo where we were divided into pairs to help the locals sell their products where we would stay a couple of hours. With the sun shinning bright everybody was either working with packing dairy products or selling fruits and vegetables at the stands. Everybody was trying to sell as much as possible, but with all of the competition it was hard to get customers.  However, with everybody’s enthusiastic attitude we caught people’s attention, several of which became customers. As we tried to sell as much as we could we were curious to know as much about the locals and we were impacted by how much they had to work to support themselves and their families. After long hours of working with them we had the opportunity to eat lunch with them. Working with them for a day was an amazing and eye opening experience of how the low amount of rain and global warning affects the locals’ ability to sell their products. After a tiring morning we headed back to the hostel and prepared our lessons for English tutoring. Right after that we headed to tutoring and got to see our students learn more things and see their English get better with every lesson that we have planned for them. When tutoring was over we had a CAP presentation of our ideas that we want for Fundacion Cristal. During that presentation there was a parent, some students, and the directors who gave us feedback and approved of all of our ideas. For dinner we were taken to a new place where we had American food (burgers, french fries etc.). Ending the day we all shared our highlights of the day and as usual shared lots of memorable moments as a group.