Hello family and friends!

This is Erin, Constanza 1B’s Global Glimpse leader. Today was our first real day in the beautiful city of Constanza. We woke up at 8 A.M. and enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and strawberry juice. Our first seminar of the day was on culture and safety; we studied topics like acculturation by playing a fun (and competitive!) game of Jeopardy. Then while the leaders had a meeting, the glimpsers had a chance to bond with each other and showcase their skills in games such as Uno. After downtime and a delicious lunch of beef, rice, and beans, we finally had a chance to see the city in which we’re living! On our tour, we visited sites like El Parque – the city center – and a baseball field. At the stadium, we sat in the bleachers and enjoyed helado. Upon arriving back home, we attended a seminar on English tutoring, and from there, started planning tomorrow’s lessons. From a teacher’s standpoint, it was so exciting to watch the glimpsers grapple with questions about classroom management techniques,  their students’ prior knowledge of English, and how to create a safe learning environment. I know their lessons tomorrow will be great! Then, after a dinner of mashed potatoes, fried cheese, and corn, we had time for small group reflection, a seminar on leadership, and our nightly meeting. We wrapped up the day around 10:30, and now everyone is off to bed! We wake up a little earlier tomorrow – 7:00 A.M. – so I’m going to head to bed now, too! We miss you all very much!