Hi Everyone! My name is Dorothy Le, and I was the ELDD. The challenge of the day was working like a local. Today we all had a hard time waking up at 5 am, because the day before that was Free Day. We had breakfast at 6 am then we went to the chicken farm at 7 am. The chicken farm was an unusual place for all of us because we all live in cities. Everyone was afraid of being near the chickens but in the end everyone was able to step out of their comfort zone and caught a chicken by themselves. We had to collect eggs, clean the outside of the chicken’s den and clean the inside of the den. We finished early so we were able to eat lunch at our hostel and take a lovely shower after working with chickens. Everyone learned how to appreciate the food they ate because our lunch was rice with chicken.



After lunch, we were writing appreciation letters to our Global Glimpse’s donors. Writing the letter was a nice self-refection time for all of us.  We went to Museum of Myths and Legends after we prepared our English tutoring. In the museum we learned more about Nicaragua’s history. For example, how prisoners were treated and how the Spaniard was after the native indigenous treasurers. After the museum we went back for dinner, taught our English lesson and had our nightly meeting.

Today was another great experience for all of us.