Hello Team Maltagalpa!

My name is Hiu To and I am one of the trusty Global Glimpse Leaders that will be learning and exploring with you in Maltagalpa, Nicaragua. It has been such a pleasure speaking with you and your parents on the phone and I can’t wait to finally have our whole crew together. I look forward to seeing the community and friendships you all build together and I am honored to be a part of that experience and to hopefully help you grow as global citizens.

I am a teacher at GCE (Global Citizen Experiencce) Lab School where learning is focused on seeing ourselves as a part of a very large global context, so I am very passionate about the Global Glimpse curriculum. Currently, I teach Visual Arts with a strong focus on Art History and I also teach Digital Media. I am a firm believer in the social impact of art and its ability to give voice to people who are often not heard. Historically, people have done this through murals, poems, paintings, and a range of media. Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and a range of ¬†platforms and I see it as everyone’s responsibility to use social media thoughtfully and meaningfully.

I am also very passionate about photography and video and I am so excited to document our experiences. I’ve only taken two international trips (Argentina and Switzerland), so I am as much as student as you are on this trip. And I can’t wait to grow with you and learn from you.

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