On our second  reality challenge day, our group learned to value family and happiness. This challenge was extremely gratifying. As the families welcomed us into their homes we saw that all that mattered to them was loving and supporting their family and community. Each pair of Glimpsers were assigned an “adoptive” family for the majority of the day, where they experienced what it was like to live on a dollar a day. The chores that they were assigned varied from cooking, cleaning, to running a store, and fishing. On this day to simulate living like a local, we had to take bucket showers, live without electricity. To emphasize what it was like to live on a dollar a day we were not allowed to spend any money and were not allowed to accept the offerings that the families have made towards us. Today was very heartfelt and emotional as the families that we worked with were willing to give so much when they had so little. What we take for granted back home could mean a world of difference here. Although waking up early was an obstacle for some, working with the families opened our eyes to what is most important in life; family and generosity.

Living like a local

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This day was also the first day that we had english tutoring. We were split into three respective groups teaching those who are just beginning to learn English to those who are more advanced. We were in charge of classes that varied in size. We also had to create our own lesson plan and teach the class ourself.

English Tutoring

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The day was long and tiring but extremely gratifying. Getting to live like a local and getting to teach those who are eager to learn English was an empowering experience that will match no other. >:D :3