Hello to the loved ones back home and to those that are tuning in to these daily blogs,

This is Daniel Mandujano and Daicy Perez, we want to start off by telling that we had a very interesting day. Todays theme was deconstructing poverty and to understand the meaning of poverty. We went to a local dump just outside of san cristobal, we met many different workers that gave us an insight into their lives. For example their main job is to collect trash and end up selling to make their money. They provide for their families and it was very interesting to realized just how different their lives were to ours back in the USA. Afterwards we came back to the accommodation and discussed what we learned. One of the responses that stood out to all of us was our in country leader Brayan, his response was how the true definition of poverty is based on not having the necessities to survive, that there is a big difference between need and want. today was very impactful to us and our peers because we learned to appreciate the little things in life, following the idea of appreciate little things as in right now we are having a great time connecting with each other and building great relationships. We really wish that all our families were here to witness and experience the joy we are having in the Dominican Republic. Thanks for giving your time to read the daily blogs we miss you all and take care.