Hola Global Glimpse padres! It’s Yovana and Lydia here! Today was our reflection day and we got a chance to think deeper about our experiences here in Riobamba, individually and as a whole group. The group was able to see each other’s perspectives and show appreciation for our experiences and guest speakers along the way. We had to say our goodbyes to our mom and dad away from home, Isabel and Juanito. Juanito was our bus driver and was in charge of getting us to our destinations and dedicated his time to support us in our CAP project. Isabel was responsible for nourishing us and keeping us healthy, through her foods and plethora of teas.

What surprised us today was seeing how small Isabel’s farm was in relation to other farms in Ecuador, and how so much food came from her small farm and fed us twice a day every day. It was a very saddening moment to say goodbye to two important people that have been there for us throughout this trip. As leaders of the day today, we were most proud of how far we’ve all grown with each other and challenging our emotional, physical, and mental limits. We spent the day visiting Isabel’s farm and learning where our meals came from and also spent time at a nearby playground where we played soccer and enjoyed our last moments together. As leaders today, we felt like everyone was inspiring in their own way, from sharing their ‘big love’ to their poems and songs about the experience as a whole. We liked facilitating the last day here, for we were able to provide a safe space for all to share their feelings and thoughts. Being a leader to us is looking out for others, especially during sensitive moments like today.

At the end of the night, we realized how impactful this trip was and how it wouldn’t have been the same without our GG Leaders, Coordinators, Providers, Sponsors, and of course, the rest of the students whom we now call family. Tomorrow, we will be saying goodbye to our hostel and heading back to either Chicago or New York, with all of the wonderful memories and moments that we will keep close to our hearts.


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