Wednesday, August 12th, 2015!

Hello ya’ll!

The NYC crew experienced “Reflection Day,” the last day of our Global Glimpse journey. After making our way from Riobamba to Quito, the group finally held a meeting at Experiment in International Living’s (EIL) Quito office. EIL is the organization that helped make the Global Glimpse journey possible in Ecuador. Lots of thanks to them; we truly appreciate it.

As part of our Reflection Day, the Glimpsers’ participated in a “Big Love” activity that took our nightly routine of Big Love to a much more personal level. Each student, and the GG leaders, wrote observational comments about each other on a piece of paper. This activity allowed the group to come close together one last time and flesh out all positive ideas about one another. It was truly a snuggly and lovely moment for everyone. Comments ranging from “You’re funny” to “You are a strong person” were shared and it made everyone feel better about the experience once more.

At our final nightly meeting, the group was interrupted by political protests! On Thursday, August 13th, there will be a large political protest in Quito, Ecuador. Because of this, the people who arrived in Quito today created so much noise, that we had to speak over the shouts and helicopter sounds. We are okay though! No worries ya’ll; we will be arriving at JFK Airport at 6:42pm on American Airlines. No protest can keep us from coming home to our families!

Good night!


Ariela as ELDD thanking Myriam Flor – Director of Incoming Programs at EIL and presenting her with a gift.


“Shoutout to my mom, my dad, and my babygirl.” – Ty Skelton

“Shoutout to my mom/dad/and my brothers Wilbert and Max. I’m coming home!” – Wilson Melo

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